Visitors Information

Philip’s Animal Garden / Philip’s Pet Collection Foundation, is a non-profit organization that focuses on rescuing exotic animals on Aruba and region. The foundation is a nonprofit organization headquartered and registered (# S1064) on Aruba. PAG / PPC was founded in 2009 and is the only organization rescuing and rehabilitating exotic animals on Aruba, which has lead to an amazing collection. We provide a suitable living environment for all of the rescued animals. Up until now I have built this shelter with my own funds since 2004. My goal is to upgrade my facilities to a world-class animal shelter with veterinary care and round-the-clock staffs. With the input from the Aruban community and visitors we can provide the best care for these animals.





Opening Hours & Rates

Monday to Sunday – 9:00 Am to 5:00 Pm

Adults: $10
Children: $5 *

* children up till the age of 10



Philips Animal Garden is easily accessible from the high-rise hotels (located just about 5-7 minutes). One of the top tourist attractions on the island is the Chapel of our lady of Alto Vista which is geographically positioned on the North Coast of the island. The road leading to the chapel is the same road one must take in order to get to Philips Animal Garden. Several signs along the route will designate you how to access our premises.

BY TAXI: Inform the taxi drivers of your intention of accessing our grounds if you are not on a tour. Most taxi drivers on the island are familiar with the estate and will happily make sure to drive you here safely!



Take a moment to cool off by taking a drink at the Beverages corridor, which will serve soft drinks, juices and beer!


Animal Photography

It is allowed to take pictures of the animals, nevertheless we kindly urge visitors to do so within decent and acceptable conditions always respecting and taking the animal’s habitat into account. Flash can scare off the animals, so please avoid the use of flash particularly within close reach of the animals. It is advisable to take pictures in order to take home a beautiful memory of your visit to our premises when the gardens rangers are handling the animals and indicate that pictures of the animals may be taken. When such an instant occurs, it may so happen that you can hand feed or carry the animal for a memorable picture moment!


Disabled-Friendly Facilities

Visitors displaying a disability sticker on their vehicles may park inside of the premises of the gardens on the private property, granting them immediate access to our grounds.

Habitat Paths
The gardens are for 100% accessible by wheelchair. During time the management has worked hard to provide such a service and we are very proud to say that no-one is excluded from visiting our grounds. There are ramps and allocated areas for disabled visitors and resting places everywhere where visitors can rest away from the sun and catch a breath of fresh Arubian air.